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Welcome to The (offical) Soviet Ronalds Wiki!

Welcome to the The Soviet Ronalds and Soviet Yoshis WikiEdit

Hello! Welcome to the offical Soviet Ronalds and Soviet Yoshis Wiki. This site is dedicated to the insane characters of the Soviet Ronalds group as well as their counterparts, the Soviet Yoshis. The original wiki was taken over by a bunch of trolls lead by YTPW veteran and former Brat Family member AwesomeSeaCucumber. Here is a link to the old wiki (it's pretty barren, just have a look).

Who are the Soviet Ronalds?Edit

They are a group created by RonaldMcMotherF***ingDonald on the Youtube Poop Wiki (who left after the big fiasco there). The group consisted of Ronald McDonald, King Dedede, Wario, and Grimace. A wiki was made for them, but then AwesomeSeaCucumber came and took it over. So now this is the new one, and it is quite peaceful................for the moment at least.

Who are the Soviet Yoshis?Edit

The Soviet Yoshis are a group created by YTPW veteran Doodledoug3212 in 2011. After the incident at the Wiki forced him out, Doodledoug created his own wiki to begin the story of the Soviet Yoshis. The group originally consisted of Birdo, Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and of course, Yoshi. However, more members have been recruited in the years since the group's founding.

Everybody Loves Grimace: The Movie update (old)Edit

The 3 movies are being shown as a marathon on the RMDH channel!

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