Stanley the Troll is a drug addicted troll who lives in Central Park. He has a magical green thumb that he uses to grow various drugs (marijuana is his favorite) and hangs out with his fellow drug buddies Metal Mario and Rabbit. He had feelings for Rosie, a toddler.


Stanley hails from a land known as the Kingdom of Trolls, but he was banished because of all the drugs he had. He resided in Central Park, New York, where he grew flowers in order to cover up his addiction. It failed miserably, leading to his first drug-bust.

Stanley eventually joined the Soviet Ronalds to cope with his drug problem, but he found it hard to do so. No one else besides him did drugs, and he felt lonely every time he did a dooby, because he thought of Rosie and it couldn't get his mind off of her passing. That is, until the day he met Metal Mario and Rabbit, who also happened to have drug problems of their own. the trio became great friends quickly, and they now spend their days hanging out at Metal Mario's Pharmacy and doing an INSANE variety of drugs!


Nostalgia Critic - a Troll in central park

Nostalgia Critic - a Troll in central park

Nostalgia Critic's Review of A Troll in Central Park!

  • Stanley only got in 2 drug busts over the years.
  • The Nostalgia Critic despises him with a passion!
  • His favorite movie is Evil Bong (can you guess why?)

Ronald McDonald: The Fighting Game BioEdit

A drug-loving troll. Stanley originated from a land dominated by trolls, but they all banned him for being such a drug addict. He then resided in New York, where he lives under a bridge growing all kinds of drugs. Stanley is an Assist Trophy who, when activated, gets all the players high, which stuns them.

A Troll in Central Park (1994)

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