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Soviet Ronalds: The Game (or Mc the Death Pierrot in Japan) is a video game released for the Drewtendo Gaystation and Drewtendo 64. It is the 1st game to feature the Soviet Ronalds. It was a huge hit and sold millions of copies. In the game, players take control of 15 different Soviet Ronald characters in order to defeat Dr. Robotnik. A sequel was later released called Soviet Ronalds 2: Colonel's Clash, starting a trilogy of Soviet Ronald games.


In the year 2012, Dr. Robotnik is taking over Ronald McDonald Hell, and Grimace threw up cum on him. Ronald McDonald and his pals must find the 7 Elements of Insanity to restore RMDH's power and crush Robotnik and other enemies.



There are 16 characters to play as in Soviet Ronalds: The Game.

  1. Ronald McDonald. Special Move: Ran Ran Ruu
  2. King Dedede. Special Move: Big Gay Dance
  3. Wario. Special Move: Devour
  4. Grimace. Special Move: Cum Barf
  5. Insane Woody. Special Move: Insane Kill
  6. Drew Pickles. Special Move: Anal Rape
  7. Chochodooby*. Special Move: TOY
  8. Hamburglar*. Special Move: Theift
  9. Stanley the Troll*. Special Move: Drug Overdose
  10. Nigel Thornberry*. Special Move: BLARGHHARGGHHHAAAHGNAHAHAH!
  11. Furby*. Special Move: Soul Eater (not the anime)
  12. Mudkip*. Special Move: Mud-Kip
  13. Mario Head*. Special Move: Wheeeeeeeeeee
  14. RobotniGrimace*. Special Move: Retarded Revelution
  15. Nero Ronald*. Special Move: Ultimate Ran Ran Ruu
  16. Toad**. Special Move: Mushroom Barrage
* Characters that can be unlocked.Edit
** Downloadable Content.Edit


  • Donkey Kong
  • Waluigi
  • Squidcox Testicles
  • Flapjack
  • Elmo
  • Olimar
  • Chowder
  • Mayor McCheese
  • Evil Grimace
  • Mama Luigi
  • Angry German Kid
  • Toadette
  • DJ 2
  • Boober Fraggle
  • Tito
  • Rabbit
  • RED Scout
  • BLU Heavy
  • Cinnamon
  • Chi the Kitten
  • Knifehead
  • Twilight Sparkle
  • Pedo Bear


Ronald vs

Ronald vs. Colonel Sanders

Boss fight with Colonel Sanders.

The game has 8 bosses, plus a hidden one.

  1. Samus Aranator
  2. MarioDeeders and LuigiLook
  3. The Great Brat King
  4. Fatty Bear
  5. Burger King
  6. AwesomeSeaCucumber
  7. Colonel Sanders
  8. Dr. Robotnik
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