Sonichu, the "hero" of CWCville. Here's your barf bag just in case.

Sonichu is an Electric-Hedgehog Pokemon and the titular character of Chris Chan's "beloved" web-comic series of the same name. The comic series itself is pretty awful, and Sonichu has little come for him. Chris is obsessed with his "original character" that he makes custom Sonichu items to sell on eBay.


One day, Christian Weston Chandler was making a project for his computer class (a CD cover) and couldn't use any copyrighted characters. He then got this "wonderful" idea! Since he liked Sonic the Hedgehog and Pikachu so much, he decided to combine them into this abomination you see here.

Chris then decided to make a comic series about his character (which sucked) and only made about 11 or 12 issues. He claims that he wants to do 50/100 issues of the comic, but hasn't updated it in almost 3 years! However, recently he began working on Sonichu again, so that probably means that Chris is getting back into the groove of things.

Speaking of the comics (which, as we said, sucked), Sonichu is barely in them! You heard right, the comic is more focused on Chris himself than the yellow abomination. Chris has the power to change into a Sonichu in the comic, and that is a pretty dumb idea.

Sonichu even got his own animated series! But Chris had nothing to do with it, oh no. Spazkid is the original creator of Sonichu: The Animated Series (which is quite awesome), and the series is ment to parody Sonichu and Chris. Sadly, it only lasted 11 episodes (but it was better than the comics!).

Ronald McDonald: The Fighting Game BioEdit

An Electric-Hedgehog Pokemon who zaps to the extreme! Sonichu was created when Sonic the Hedgehog crashed into a Pikachu while fighting, resulting in the Pikachu transforming into a hideous hybrid. He defends the city of CWCville with his "father" Chris Chan from evil doers and trolls of all kinds. When he's not protecting the city, Sonichu is often seen with his wife Rosechu.

Sonichu (2005)


  • Sonichu is married to Rosechu.
  • Despite the fact there hasn't been any Sonichu comics in almost 4 years, Chris says that he might start making new comics again, IF Sonichu is made a playable DLC in Super Smash Bros. for 3DS/Wii U. No, seriously!
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