Shy Guy is a badass dude who wears a mask because his face's too awesome to be seen in public. The only people who have seen his face and lived are Luigi and Elmo (who later died). Shy Guy's favorite sport is tennis because he's good at it and his least favorite sport is baseball because he's too slow! He also seems to dislike Yoshi for some reason.

Ronald McDonald: The Fighting Game BioEdit

A bashful, mask-wearing creature from Yoshi's Island. Shy Guy's timid behavior hides his true nature: he's a very epic dude with a love for adventure! Shy Guy is surprisingly good at tennis and racing, and has a slight rivalry with Yoshi. He is also good friends with Metal Mario.

Super Mario Bros. 2 (1988)


  • Shy Guy is scared of Fluttershy, which makes sense because Fluttershy is scared of him.
  • Shy Guy and Birdo once enlisted in the Subcon army, but eventually returned to Yoshi's Island after the war.
  • He sometimes dresses up like Indiana Jones, possibly to increase his confidence!
  • He likes toast.
  • It is theorized that if Drew Pickles sees Shy Guy's face, he will turn straight for 69 minutes.
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