Radda Radda!

Schnitzel is an epic rock monster who works at Mung Dal's catering company. He mostly hates his job (partly because of Chowder), so he decided to join the Soviet Ronalds

Ronald McDonald: The Fighting Game 2 BioEdit

A rock monster who says "Radda Radda". Schnitzel works at Mung Dal's catering comapny, where he usually cleans up the messes that are made, but often helps out when cooking. He has a bit of a dislike towards his job due to low pay and Chowder annoying him, but he manages as best he can. As an Assist Trophy, Schnitzel cleans up the stage of any items and even damages opponets in doing so.

Chowder (2007)


  • Scnitzel is pals with Squidward and Mr. Gus.
  • While he doesn't really care too much about My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, Schnitzel does like Maud Pie.


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