Princess Molestia alternate mane color

Molestia's gonna molest ya!

Princess Molestia (Molly for short) is a weird and mysterious counterpart of Princess Celestia. As her name implies, she likes violating the privacy of ponies and people everywhere, even going to the extremes of rape!

Ronald McDonald: The Fighting Game 2 BioEdit

Princess Celestia's creppy rapist doppleganger. Molestia enjoys nothing more than harassing ponies and people, usually in a sexual way. She often disguises herself as Celestia to get her victims to trust her before she strikes. Molestia is often at ends with the Soviet Ronalds, but she couldn't care less!

Ask Princess Molestia (2011)


  • Molestia looks exactly like Celestia, except that her mane & tail are a grayish pink, and her pupils are smaller. She won't hesitate to disguise herself as Celestia to get to her prey, though.
  • She's the only being to have ever fully raped Pedo Bear, Brony Drew Pickles, Animal Crossing Villager, and Christopher Robin! She almost banged Weegee, but she nearly got caught by his infamous stare.
  • Molestia doesn't really like Ronald McDonald (unlike Celestia), but that won't stop her from trying to rape the clown!
  • Pedo Bear and Brony Drew Pickles are her sex slaves. The Villager wants to be her sex slave.
  • The only thing in the world she refuses to bang is Chris Chan, for obvious reasons.
  • She has her own Tumblr page! It can be found here!
  • She enjoys shoving her butt in everyone's faces!
  • She also has a ray gun that can change the gender of anyone!
  • Her favorite victims include the Cutie Mark Crusaders and Luigi. In fact, she even has her own TV series on the RMDH Channel called Luigi VS Molestia!
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