Grimace is Barney the Dinosaur's living, talking, breathing testicle who is best friends with Ronald McDonald and star of the beloved RMDH Channel hit Everybody Loves Grimace. His origins lie within Barney's scrotum and rumor has it he can't be killed. That's right, nothing can kill Grimace! Not even Chuck Norris! (Although to be honest, Chuck can MAYBE kill Grimace).


Grimace was one of Barney's 4 magic testicles that have a power that is stronger than that of harmony. It began one day when Barney was real horny, so Ronald McDonald gave him a hand job. Before Barney's happy juice could come (haha come) out, he blasted a nuclear fart that blew out one of his testicles. It grew legs, arms, a face, and there was Grimace!


Grimace's evolution over time.

Grimace soon fell for Ronald, and he would become a character in the McDonald's franchise. He would often sneak out of the studio to have swell rape romp orgies with Drew Pickles and Barney the now Triple Testicle Dinosaur. Grimace often got cold, so Ronald found a solution. He jacked Barney off for an hour or 2, and soon, the purple pedosaur blew a big testicle that would become Grimace's house.

Grimace would later on be a member in Ronald's INSANE group as well as the main protagonist of his own show called Everybody Loves Grimace, where he would go on lots of misadventures with his pals to thwart the plans of Dr. Robotnik, Colonel Sanders, and the Great Brat King. Grimace's age is unknown, since science hasn't found a way to tell the age of walking purple testicles. It is thought that he is around the same age as Barney (seeing as how Grimace originated from him).


  • Grimace likes McNuggets.
  • Grimace is also nigh invincible. All the physical pain that is inflicted onto him is instead felt by Barney.
  • Also, everything Grimace shoves up his ass instantly comes out of Barney's mouth.


Ronald McDonald: the Fighting Game BioEdit

A large purple being and a close friend of Ronald McDonald. Grimace is a native of Grimace Island and was created from the testicle of Barney the Dinosaur. He enjoys going on strange adventures in Ronald McDonald Hell and is the star of the popular sitcom called "Everybody Loves Grimace".

Everybody Loves Grimace (2011)


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