Fortran (also known as Grand Dad, Hario, and Jesus Christ How Horrifying) is a bizarre Mario clone from a Chinese NES bootleg. He loves money, high-quality rips, and gambling, and is apparently rumored to be the father of Weegee.

Ronald McDonald: the Fighting Game 2 BioEdit

A weird Mario clone from an NES bootleg called Dian Shi Ma Li. In the game, the player gambles for coins and fruit, with Fortran hanging in the center and sometimes jumping on a coin-block. His bizarre appearance made him a bit of a meme, but he didn't reach huge status until Vinesauce streamer Joel played a game called 7 Grand Dad starring him. As an Assist Trophy, Fortran appears similar to his game, and when the cursor lands on a random fruit, he jumps on his block, with random damage results for players.

Dian Shi Ma Li (1989)


Vinesauce Joel - Reaction to "7 GRAND DAD"

Vinesauce Joel - Reaction to "7 GRAND DAD"

The video that created a legend.

  • As Grand Dad, Fortran has a blue mustache, hair, and pupils, light orange overalls and eyes, and an I instead of an F on his hat.
  • Speaking of which, 7 Grand Dad is a shameless bootleg of The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino and Hoppy, but with Mario's head on Fred's body!
  • Joel would later play Fortran's game Dian Shi Ma Li for his Chinese NES Bootleg 400-in-1 Cartridges stream!


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