Cinnamon is a Jamaican cinnamon stick and the mascot of Kellogg's famous Apple Jacks cereal. He is well known for his catchphrase "Here I come, I am Cinnamon!" and his on/off rivalry with the enigmatic Apple. He also, as part of a running gag on Everybody Loves Grimace, has a bad habit of pissing in Grimace's Apple Jacks, which annoys the purple gonad to no end!

Ronald McDonald: The Fighting Game 2 BioEdit

A sentient carefree stick of cinnamon. There's nothing Cinnamon enjoys more than relaxing on the beach and encouraging kids to eat Apple Jacks cereal, which often leads to him butting heads with the overconfident Apple. However, he also has a rather unfortunate habit of urinating in Grimace's Apple Jacks, something that the purple idiot is constantly frustrated by. When it comes to living the good life, Cinnamon is the winnamon!

Everybody Loves Grimace (2011)


  • Applejack and Zecora are his favorite ponies, despite Cinnamon being indifferent to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic as a whole.
  • Cinnamon is very good friends with Grim and Aku Aku, perhaps because of their similar accents.
  • Toucan Sam is one of his greatest idols.
  • He, along with Chocodooby and Boober Fraggle, were quite infamous on the YouTube Poop Wiki during it's heyday, as his article was filled with over a billion categories!
  • Drew Pickles often mishears Cinnamon's catchphrase as "The Weiner Man", and it makes him so horny that he wants to use Cinnamon as a dialdo.
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