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Chris Chan. Feel free to panic now.

Christian Weston Chandler (also goes by Chris Chan and a million other things) is the most reviled manchild the world has ever seen. He is the proud creator of the web-comic seies Sonichu, and is quite internet famous, but for all the wrong reasons. Chris has been trolled to oblivon so many times (trolling him now is considered obsolete) for all the antics he does on the internet.

Ronald McDonald: The Fighting Game BioEdit

A self-absorbed manchild and the mayor of CWCville. Chris Chan is the creator of the infamous comic series "Sonichu" and has been trolled far too many times to count. He is known for doing a lot of very weird things as well, which caught the eyes of many. Chris is also one of the stars of "Everybody Hates Elmo", where he usually tries to rape Rainbow Dash and Applejack in order to lose his virginity.

Sonichu (2005)


  • Chris was into My Little Pony years before Friendship is Magic was even created.
  • His favorite ponies are Rainbow Dash and Applejack (which is why he tries to rape them in Everybody Hates Elmo).  He also likes Derpy. He even created an OC named Night Star!
  • He is a HUGE Sonic the Hedgehog fanboy, but hates Sonic Boom because Sonic's arms are blue! No, seriously!
  • He actually burnt his own house down by brewing coffee in his bathroom with an extension cord!
  • Chris wastes his money on sex toys, Legos, and bad video games!
The Great Director (A Song About The Amazing Christian Chandler)

The Great Director (A Song About The Amazing Christian Chandler)

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